Frustrated with Diets that Don't Work? 

Confused with All the Information and Programs out There? 


If you're reading this, chances are you may be close to throwing in the towel on this whole weight loss thing.  You're tired of spending money on the next best thing.  You're struggling to find the motivation to get going once again.  But yet, you're desperate to look and feel better and you know there's got to be a way that'll help you.

Imagine how easy it'd be if an expert Took the guesswork out for you and told you exactly what you needed to do to lose weight ...and it worked!  

best of all, you knew moving forward what to do to keep it off.


The truth is, 95% of all 'diets' fail.  They can wreck havoc on your metabolism, endocrine system, negatively affect your confidence and can take up years of your life messing around with them.  There is a way to lose weight and keep it off, but it's not by cutting calories or working out like crazy.  There is a science to it.  Unless what you're doing is based on science and proven to work, you could very likely end up back at square one again.

If you're done wasting time, energy and money on diets, books and programs that don’t work or take you all the way to your goal -YOU'RE AT THE RIGHT PLACE. 

My name is Stoney and I'm a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition and Metabolic Specialist at South Denver Internal Medicine.  After 10 years of frustrating yo-yo dieting, I was obsessed with finding out what it took to see lasting results.  Now that I know, I'm on a mission to help end the 'dieting era'.

Everyone of us is different therefore will respond differently. With the help of a few key things, I can help take the guesswork out for you.  Now, I get to share what I know and help free women from dieting all over the world!  

I'll help you end the struggle with a system that works.

Stoney Eskew Programs

I'll Show You How to Lose the excess weight that's been holding you back For Years and best of all, know what to do to SEE LASTING RESULTS.


Metabolism and Food Sensitivity Testing

Everyone is different, therefore, in order to see the best results, you'll need a program personalized to you.  With just a few simple tests, we can take the guesswork out of for you. 

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Lasting Weight Loss

My science-based system, personalized and proven to help you lose the weight you want.  This mind, body, spirit approach is designed to help free you from dieting for good!

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Mentorship Program

90 day coaching program for entrepreneurial health coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers looking to help take the guesswork out for their clients, have more time and financial freedom and make bigger impact in the world.

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Find out what you need to do so you can look and feel your best.  Life is too short not to fully live and enjoy it!

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With over 15 years of experience in the health industry, Stoney Eskew with her positive attitude, infectious smile, and vast knowledge, has helped thousands of people achieve their goals of living a fit, happy, and healthy lifestyle.  Stoney’s combination of proper nutrition and effective workout programs, along with the technology of Metabolism Testing and Food Sensitivity Testing is proven to help people lose weight and dramatically improve their cardiovascular and metabolic health. 

Stoney has a unique connection with her clients that stems from her own personal weight loss journey.  After years of struggling with her own weight she knows from experience that diets do not work.  Since diligently studying and learning from the top Doctors, Scientists and professionals in the health and fitness industry, she has found exactly what it takes to have long lasting results.  She now finds it easy to maintain her high school weight again without depriving herself and without obsessing about exercising.  Stoney now has helped thousands of people follow in her footsteps and is on a mission to change the diet industry for the better.

Born and raised in Colorado, Stoney loves sports, horses, skiing, traveling and spending time with her family and giant dog, Tank.  She has an A.S. in Exercise Science, and holds certifications with American Council on Exercise (ACE), American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), she is Board Certified Holistic Health Coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), a graduate from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Certified Sanoviv Medical Institute Nutrition Advisor and has been an NPC Figure Competitor.

Stoney is passionate about helping people improve their health, look and feel their absolute best.  She currently is the Nutrition and Metabolic Specialist at South Denver Internal Medicine and also does one-on-one transformational coaching, group coaching and nutrition seminars and workshops.  Stoney is the creator of an international online course, The 4 Week Metabolism and Mindset Makeover -with Real Food and Owner of True Metabolism Testing, LLC where she partners with Health Professionals, Gyms and Corporate Wellness Programs to bring the science and technology of metabolism testing to people throughout Colorado.