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You deserve to live life having the body, health and energy your want.  There are so many programs, diets and conflicting advice that it can be confusing on what to do and find out what will work specifically for you

There are a lot of pieces that need to be in place in order to see results and especially to see lasting results.  The good news is, I can help you navigate every step of the way.

I've helped my clients lose anywhere from 10 pounds to over 120 pounds.  I know I can help you too!  


I don't believe in quick fixes -I tried most of them and they didn't work.  

I'm all about the science of the body and working with the body vs. against it.  Once we're done, your body will be a fat burning machine. 

Sometimes my clients see fast results and sometimes we have to do some rebuilding and detoxing first.  

With me, we'll focus on 3 main things: 

1.   Speeding up your metabolism with your nutrition and exercise.  

2.  Decreasing inflammation by taking a holistic approach.  Detoxing, eating the right foods for you and getting your body in a healthy, alkaline and fat-burning state will help you lose weight faster and improve overall health and blood work numbers.

3.  Shifting your mindset and the old limiting beliefs and programing that's been keeping you stuck.  You'll be in control, feel empowered and most importantly, learn how to never go back to the 'old you'.



We can work together a couple of different ways... 

1. Personalized Testing- There's 3 science based tests that will give you your personal roadmap to see results.

The Resting Metabolism Test-

Find out if you have a slow or fast metabolism and how many calories is too low for your body.

Exercise/VO2 Test-

Find out what heart rates to workout at to burn the most amount of body fat.

Food Sensitivity Testing Test-

Find out which foods may be causing inflammation in your body and working against your weight loss.

2. Stoney's 4 Week Jumpstart Program 

If you've been struggling with your weight for years or just need a kick in the butt to get going and help get to the next level, this is for you...

Formerly the 4 Week Metabolism Makeover -with Real Food!  

Throughout the program you'll learn:

  • The 10 keys to keep your body in fat burning mode so you'll know how to keep the weight off -FOR GOOD!

  • How to end self sabotage and adopt the mindset of a lean person- which will help change everything!

  • How to clean up your skincare, energy drains and environment so your health will keep getting better and better from here on out! 

  • The science of habits and how to break the bad ones for good!


Here's what you'll receive:

10 keys metabolism fat burning

-1 Weight Loss Breakthrough Session with Stoney to make sure your nutrition and exercise plan is lined up with what you need to succeed ($149 value).

-Stoney's most effective 'Way of Eating' Meal Plan with Real Food that will:

  • Rev up your metabolism making weight loss easier.
  • Stabilize blood sugars which will increase your energy, have clearer mental focus, and improve your overall health.
  • Help you burn body fat day and night allowing you to keep the weight off easier.

Best of all, this way of eating will teach you how to be free from dieting -for good!  

-Weekly Check In Calls with Stoney to help make sure you're seeing results and getting the most out of this course.  

-Access to the weekly group calls with Stoney. *When applicable*

-An easy, no-fail method that will help you eliminate sugar and carbohydrate cravings. 

-Simple yet powerful exercises that will help you break through whatever is holding you back.

-12 Effective Cardio Workouts that will help turn your body into a fat-burning machine.  

-Stoney's long-lasting, no-guilt method to weight loss that will make continued progress effortless. 

-Stoney's Eating Out Guide to make eating on the go easy to stay on track.

-Gut Health Rebuilding Plan to make sure you're safely detoxing your body of Glyphosate and restoring optimal bacteria and over all gut health.  This is the key to keeping your immune system strong. 

-Find out every reason why your body would hang onto weight- so you'll know what to do to maintain your results for good!

-A 'Fat Burning Checklist' to keep your body in a fat-burning mode day and night making it easier to keep the weight off!

-Healthy recipes, tips and videos from other experts to help you get to your goal.



We'll address every reason why your body hangs onto weight and what to do about it.








Healthy Snacks
Gluten Free Holiday Guide
Raw Food Guide
Spring Salad Guide





Regularly $299

January Special Only $199


(HSA and FSA approved for payment and reimbursable by some insurance providers)

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3.  The 'Get It Done' Coaching Package

No more struggling and trying to figure things out on your own.  No more 'trying' to lose weight and failing.  No more rebounding.  No more self sabotage and most importantly, no more time being spent not living your life at your goal weight.  Being confident in how you look and having incredible energy each day will be your NEW NORMAL when you commit to Getting It Done!  

Together, we will create a custom coaching package to make sure you get all the way to your goal.  

Imagine... being at your goal and easily maintaining it all year... what new year goals will you set in January 2019?

Too many times, I've seen clients get a great jumpstart and lose the first 10 pounds, or get so close to reaching their goal, then get sidetracked or self sabotage and not ever finish hitting their goal.  In the medical practice I work at now, I've met so many people that haven't been to their goal weight for 20+ years.  Some have always carried around an extra 15-40 pounds and have never been to a weight they feel good at.  They've struggled with self confidence and the extra weight is negatively affecting their health.  Some have missed family members weddings, some have avoided family pictures for years and some have missed out on even going out on dates because they didn't feel good about the way the looked.  It's heartbreaking.  Our weight, health and energy affects so much of our lives.   

I'm taking a stand for you and not letting any bad habit, excuse or ANYTHING hold you back from not reaching your goal in 2018.  We will do what it takes to Get It Done. 

In the 'Get It Done' Coaching Package, it's as easy as 1+2=3.  Here's how it works:

1.   You let me know how much you want to lose.

2.  We construct a personalized plan based on you, your habits and what's realistic and we map out the timeline that it'll take to get you there.  If you need help with workouts, I've got you covered.  If you're not excited about cooking and don't want to cook or it's not realistic, we'll figure that piece out as well.  We'll address detoxing, gut health, everything your body needs to lose the weight.

3.  YOU REACH YOUR GOAL!  And best of all you'll learn how to easily maintain it.  

(HSA and FSA approved for payment and reimbursable by some insurance providers)

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Here's what other's are saying...

I have been doing Stoney’s program for a little over 2 months now and I feel amazing! I have lost almost 15lbs and inches all over my body. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like I’m on a diet! This program is something that I can maintain forever because I have tons of energy, feel full after meals and it’s realistic!! With the help of Stoney’s inner exercises I have transformed my mind to a positive place about my body and weight!!
I have yo-yo dieted for years but most recent I had been stuck for almost 2 years. I added the Metabolism and Food Sensitivity Testing, I didn’t hesitate with the cost because I looked at it as more of an investment in my health rather then a fad diet program to lose weight quickly, and I’m so glad I did. That was the best thing because I got a plan customized specifically for my body!
— Stephanie M. Denver, CO

"I’ve yo yo’d back and forth since I was a teenager and have done every program out there and this program was the easiest things I’ve ever done. I lost 7 inches and 8 lbs and for the first time in my life (53 years), I feel empowered and realize that I don’t have to rely on those other programs, pre packaged meals or points.
I seriously do not crave carbs or sugar. I don’t beat myself up mentally and the obsession with food has turned into reading recipes and preparing yummy food. I appreciate all the support Stoney has given me during this 4-week journey."

-Kristi, Denver, CO

"I lost 15 lbs and 2 pant sizes. So amazing! My thighs and stomach are the most noticeable areas I lost from. When I started this program, I was afraid that I was going to be hungry and miss out on foods that I love. But it was actually the opposite, I was never hungry and ate normal food. Stoney was amazing, always there to give you that boost whenever you need it. This program was the best one I’ve done and I plan on keeping to it!"

-Chelsy, Greeley, CO

"A month in and I have lost 4.4 lbs and overall 6.25 inches!! YAY ME! I am definitely feeling empowered and for once, in control of my journey. If someone was on the fence about doing this program, I would tell them that I was unsure about starting this program as well. I have tried so many programs to lose weight and even if I succeeded I gained the weight right back. I would share that I am premenopausal and my energy is generally low. This program has helped me stay focused and be accountable for my life. That I am now in control of how this goes and that I need to be patient and kind to myself, this will happen just not as fast as if I were in my 20’s.. 
Everyone should know this information!!!"

-Bridget Greenwood Village, CO

"In one month, I lost 5 1/2 inches and 7lbs and feel more motivated then ever to workout!  I've never felt deprived, which was huge.  At first I struggled with the cost of this program but it worked and was totally worth the investment!"

-Shelia, Austin, TX  

"I lost 10 pounds, 1.5 inches off my thighs, 2 inches around my waist and 1 inch around my chest.  I feel empowered, my mindset is better. Thank you very much, I know that it has only been a month, but I feel good!"

-Jenny, KS

I started working with Stoney in 2013 and saw significant results with her program back then. I took some time off and now that I’m working with her again, I love how she has revised her program to now include the mental and emotional aspects of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned that it’s not 100% about the food and exercise. Tackling the negative self-talk and replacing it with positive, uplifting daily affirmations has made a world of difference for me in my weight loss journey. It is so easy to beat myself up if I’m not “perfect” on the program and often times I would just give up. Stoney has taught me to let go of that way of thinking, stop being my own worst critic and focus on believing that I can do this! I’m excited about the new program and continuing on this new way of life with Stoney’s guidance!

-Shannon, Denver, CO

*Results may vary 

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Here's to the happier, healthier, more energetic, confident you!


Q:  I have tried all types of diets with no success; what is it that makes your programs different from all the others?  
A:  I've been there and have tried diets as well and totally understand the hesitation and question. I think the biggest thing is that my focus is on:
#1. Speeding up the metabolism and fat' loss' vs just 'weight' loss
#2. Troubleshooting and helping tweak things along the way (not everyone will respond the same way)
'Weight' loss programs can slow your metabolism verses speed it up so that's why so many programs don't generate lasting results.

That's something I really learned from doing metabolism testing over the years --what speeds up the metabolism and what slows it down.  Also, I'm all about crowding out cravings verses using will power.  This makes it easier to eliminate certain things (like sugar -my weakness) when you're not craving it.  Lastly, I go into more of the mind-body-spirit connection and how if we don't look into and change some things the chance of eventually self sabotaging and ending back at square one again is pretty high.  

Losing weight, I've found, keeps getting tougher and tougher for people it seems, but I've actually worked with a lot of 'hard to lose weight' clients and have helped them make amazing progress. 

Q:  Do you customize the plan for each person? 
A:  Yes, I do with the one on one coaching packages and with the testing services I offer.  In the group programs, I have everybody doing the same structure of meals (it's what I've seen create the best results) so on the menu you'll see 6 great options for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner, and you will get a foods list, so if you didn't like something on the menu you can have something else on the list.  Also if someone needs more or less calories we can talk about it on the weekly calls and tweak that if we need to. 

Q: I really want/need a program where I can make healthy food for me and my family...otherwise I probably won't stick with it. Is it possible with this program?
A:  A lot of ladies I work with that cook for their boyfriends/husbands and family and they say it's pretty easy to do. For instance, the menu lists a good protein and veggies but if your family wants those plus a carb and something else it's totally easy to add those in! 

Q: I don't mind taking some supplements, but some of the programs I've tried, they are mandatory and it's overwhelming! Do you recommend the supplements and if so how do you work those in?
A:  There is a few that I highly recommend that will help get your body in a healthy state to lose weight faster.  Throughout the program, I'll let you know what I take, what I like and what I've seen help create the best results with clients.  I'll also talk about other helpful supplements throughout the program that may help speed up progress.
For example, I talk about the liver and what a key component it is in losing body fat.  If at that point in the program, you're not seeing results, I'll recommend a couple different supplements that should help you generate results, but nothing is mandatory.  Your progress may be slower if you don't choose to do them as liver, digestion, and so many things affect weight loss.  

Q: Is there a money back guarantee or refunds?
A:  I have a 'Happiness Guarantee' but there are no refunds. I've found that a 'refund' gives our minds an out and often, we humans, won't make the necessary changes we set out to make if there's an out.  With my 'happiness guarantee', I'm so confident that you'll see results and if, for some reason, you go through the program and nothing changes, I'll work with you to tweak things until you're seeing positive results and on the right track. 

Q: What happens after the program?
A:  If you want to maintain the one on one support, we can talk about sticking with one on one accountability.  If you'd like to join Health. Fitness. Impact. The Cause-Based Accountability Group, it's a low monthly investment of $50 and 1/2 goes to giving back and making a difference in others lives!   

*Results may vary