I spent way to many years on diets and I see people in my office each day doing the same.  I'm on a mission to free people from dieting and help cut the $60 billion diet industry in half and change the diet industry for good.  Here's how...


Health. Fitness. Impact - The Cause-Based Accountability Group

When we win, others win!

In this group..

We keep a constant focus on getting in the best shape and health of our lives while making a HUGE difference in others lives through helping, giving back and random acts of kindness.

We don't focus on 'watching our weight', we focus on:
-Healthy habits and taking consistent action
-Hitting our weekly goals
-Making a difference through giving back
-Having fun and living life to the fullest
-Inspiring others to do the same!

There are so many great organizations out there helping people.  I'm a huge fan!  I feel like that's what life's all about, giving back and helping others when they need it.  It's what my parents taught and modeled for me too.  They were always looking to make others' feel special one way or another. 

We've all had our ups and downs in life, myself included.  I will always remember those that gave me a break or did something out of the blue and helped me and/or made me feel special. 

When local organizations and charities, friends, family and strangers step in with random acts of kindness and answer prayers, it can CHANGE LIVES and can create a massive ripple effect.  :) 

That's where we come in.  That's what we do in this group.  We help out!

Here's the Membership Details:

$50 monthly membership fee
(no contracts)
1/2 will go to helping others!  (minus processing fees)
A portion goes to rewarding the most dedicated rockstar in the group for the month who hit their goals!  That's right, you can win your money back PLUS some!