Ever Wonder Why It's so Tough to Lose Weight After a Big Diet?

Have you ever been so frustrated because what you once did to lose weight is no longer working for you?  It's almost like your body outsmarts us somehow.

We've all been there.  We work really hared, get to our goal and then it's like we blink and it's back on us.

Then, we decide we were the one's that messed up so we ramp things back up to go back on a plan to get the weight back ok.  We stick to the plan, like we did before and in 30 days ...we see nothing.  -Nothing happening at all!  Argh! 

I've been there many times back in my dieting days and know how frustrating that is, you feel like it's something you're doing wrong and just flat out sucks.  

I'm a 'sciency' person and always want to know what happens behind the scenes, so I researched more on this.

I found a great medical study from the New England Journal of Medicine called  'Long-Term Persistence of Hormonal Adaptations to Weight Loss' that explained why and it all made sense.

To recap this study, they put the participants on a 500 calorie diet for 8 weeks and of course the participants lost weight.  However they wanted to see what happened on a hormonal level and for how long after such a program.

Here's what they found:

"Caloric restriction results in acute compensatory changes, including profound reductions in energy expenditure11 and levels of leptin12 and cholecystokinin13 and increases in ghrelin14 and appetite,15all of which promote weight regain."

Even more shockingly is that the tested the participants for 3, 6 and 12 months afterward and there were still adverse affects from the diet.

"Our study shows that after diet-induced weight loss, there are alterations in the postprandial release of amylin and pancreatic polypeptide and, more important, that changes in levels of leptin, ghrelin, peptide YY, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, pancreatic polypeptide, amylin, and cholecystokinin, as well as changes in appetite, persist for 12 months." 

This is not good and yet totally backs why we should never do a 500 calorie diet again.  It's just too harsh on the body.  I know it took me 7 months for my metabolism and everything to normalize again before I lost the last 10 lbs.  This is why I'm so passionate about getting the word out about rebuilding your metabolism!

Speaking of this, I'm starting the next group 4 Week Metabolism Makeover this Saturday!  This is such priceless information that I teach in here that will help you rebuild your metabolism and get your body in a fat burning mode and best of all, you'll see great results while you're losing pounds and inches! 

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I'm here to help you rebuild your metabolism, restore your body in that healthy and fat burning zone and have the body and health you want!


-Stoney :)

Resources:  http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1105816#t=articleDiscussion

75 Pounds Lighter and Making a Huge Impact. Nicole's Inspiring Story...

Having breakfast this morning with this gal right here inspired me like you wouldn't believe...

Stoney Eskew Happy Client

Nicole and I met back in 2007 at a mutual friends baby shower.  We talked a bit and she got my card and wanted to talk more as she was fed up with her weight, doing diets and the way she looked.  She had tried everything and just couldn't lose the weight and keep it off.  

We worked together and over the months she had lost a total of an incredible 75 pounds!  Her dedication was (and still is) amazing.  I feel so blessed to be part of her journey.  I've seen her transform and become the woman she is today.  It's been so cool to see the ripple effect this one beautiful woman has had and all the lives she's now touching years later.  (P.S.  -she's STILL at her goal!! :) ) 

Nicole is happy, living a great life and giving back.  She has a job she loves and sits on the Board for Child Advocates, Denver CASA.  This morning, I was thinking about how even bigger this is.  Because she's doing her part and helping raise money for this event, it's trickling down to others and then making an impact on these children's lives.  Imagine the ripple effect that it has in their lives and the lives they touch for then years to come.

Nicole and her testimonial has also inspired so many of my clients to put in the time and dedication and get to their goal as well so they can do what's in their heart to do.  I even had one client print off her picture and put it on her fridge for motivation that if Nicole could do it, she could too.  

It's pretty incredible stuff when the decision is made to take charge of your health, life and future.

Stoney Eskew Testimonial

Something to think about today...

 1. What is that dream/desire/goal in your heart that you keep telling yourself  'As soon as I get to my goal, I'm going to do that?' 

Is it dating or relationship related?

Is it to go on a certain vacation and be confident wearing a swimsuit?

Is it a career change?

Is it just go out more, have more fun, be more confident, put your best self into the world and make a bigger impact?

I've actually had all of these as mine and I've heard these and so many other things from my clients over the years on what their weight, confidence or their health is holding them back from in life.  

2. Then get a little angry and fired up about why it hasn't happened yet and/or the excuses you've made in the past and let yourself off the hook.  

3. Lastly, let that be the driving force to go after it this year, right now!  No more waiting, no more saying "someday in the future".   Today.

...Just think of the impact and ripple effect you'll make.  

Our desires truly are a double blessing.


If you're ready to get to your goal, book a free consultation with me today!


-Stoney :)

This Can Make or Break Your Weight Loss Success

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately on why some people can make the changes necessary and lose weight and why others seem to keep struggling month after month, year after year.  

 I've found it comes down to a couple of things.  The ones I'll share today and over the next few weeks actually have nothing to do with the actual food you're eating or the intensity or amount of exercise you're doing.

In today's video tip, I'll uncover one thing you have to have so you will be in the category that makes the change...