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You may be shocked to know that I've tried every diet out there over the years and have even struggled with eating disorders back in high school.  In college and when I first started my career as a personal trainer, I really felt the pressure to 'look the part' of a dedicated fitness professional.  That's when the hard core yo-yo dieting happened. During that time, I either felt great at my goal or I was hiding out in baggy and dark colored clothes or staying at home because I didn't want to be seen.  I missed out on a lot of great life experiences in those 10 years because I didn't feel good about myself and how I looked (...and sometimes I couldn't find anything to wear because nothing in my closet fit!).                

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I lost and gained the same 10-20 lbs MULTIPLE times until I finally stopped slowing my metabolism with diets and found out the key things to do to see get lasting results.  

Today, I am no longer mentally consumed with everything I put in my mouth or starting a diet every Monday.  I’ve said goodbye to that vicious ‘restrict/ binge- then feel guilty and uncomfortable because my clothes don’t fit’ cycle.  I love to travel.  I love good food, wine, margaritas and socializing with my family and friends.  Now I can maintain my weight and enjoy all of the things I love!   


I’m so grateful I went through all of these experiences because I know what works and what doesn’t.  Stick with me and I’ll save you YEARS of frustration!  

The greatest gift is when I get to see my clients go from being self conscious and hiding to being confident, healthy, having the energy, loving the way they look and feel and doing what they really want in life!


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Professional Bio

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With over 16 years of experience in the health industry, Stoney Eskew with her positive attitude, infectious smile, and vast knowledge, has helped thousands of people achieve their goals of living a fit, happy, and healthy lifestyle.  Stoney’s combination of proper nutrition and effective workout programs, along with the technology of Metabolism Testing and Food Sensitivity Testing is proven to help people lose weight and dramatically improve their cardiovascular and metabolic health. 

Stoney has a unique connection with her clients that stems from her own personal weight loss journey.  After years of struggling with her own weight she knows from experience that diets do not work.  Since diligently studying and learning from the top Doctors, Scientists and professionals in the health and fitness industry, she has found exactly what it takes to have long lasting results.  She now finds it easy to maintain her high school weight again without depriving herself and without obsessing about exercising.  Stoney now has helped thousands of people follow in her footsteps and is on a mission to change the diet industry for the better.

Born and raised in Colorado, Stoney loves sports, horses, skiing, traveling and spending time with her family and giant dog, Tank.  She has an A.S. in Exercise Science, and holds certifications with American Council on Exercise (ACE), American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), she is Board Certified Holistic Health Coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), a graduate from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Certified Sanoviv Medical Institute Nutrition Advisor and has been an NPC Figure Competitor.

Stoney is passionate about helping people improve their health, look and feel their absolute best.  She currently is the Nutrition and Metabolic Specialist at South Denver Internal Medicine and also does one-on-one transformational coaching, group coaching and nutrition seminars and workshops.  Stoney is the creator of the international online course, The 4 Week Metabolism Makeover -with Real Food (now called The 10 Keys to Be a Fat Burning Machine) founder of Health. Fitness. Impact. The Cause-Based Accountability Group, and owner of True Metabolism Testing, LLC where she partners with Health Professionals, Gyms and Corporate Wellness Programs to bring the science and technology of metabolism testing to people throughout Colorado.